Concierge Veterinary Consults Helping Pets Live Longer

Concierge Veterinary Consults

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Our concierge veterinary services can help you optimize your pet’s health and longevity. Here’s what you can get from a consultation:

  • Prescriptions for the longevity drugs rapamycin, acarbose, and metformin
  • Guidance for your journey through cancer care
  • Comprehensive care for your pet’s pain
  • Advice on the right tests and when we should use them

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What does concierge veterinary care include?

California veterinary law now recognizes the value of telemedicine to help pets at a distance from veterinary care. You and I will work via email to solve not only your pet’s current health challenges but also their overall health and longevity moving forward.  Concierge veterinary care also allows us to prescribe longevity drugs like rapamycin, acarbose, and metformin for your pet.

About our Concierge Veterinary Services

When you sign up for a concierge consult, you will download a 4-page “Pet Health Assessment” to fill out and return via email. This will help me learn about your current concerns about your pet.  I also ask for the last 2 years of your pet’s veterinary records from you, as this will complete the picture of your pet’s current health.  

I review that information within 2 days, and I will email you back with a comprehensive assessment of your pet’s health and a plan to optimize their future care. This plan will include traditional veterinary care—such as dentals and diagnostics—and a guide to the lifestyle, supplements, and drugs best suited to your pet’s individual health needs.

Our Concierge Veterinary Services are NOT phone conversations, so you don't have to worry about clearing your calendar for a call.  Rather, they are a series of emails set up a dialog, to make sure that you get every question answered and to allow better recordkeeping in conformance with current veterinary law.

Benefits of choosing our Concierge Veterinary Services

Maybe you’ve heard of personalized medicine for humans. Well, our concierge veterinary services are personalized medicine for your pet. For young pets, my goal is to keep them healthy far into the future. I’m passionate about the care of older pets, especially those who experience chronic pain or are on a journey through cancer.  

Our concierge veterinary consults are not a “one email and you’re done” kind of thing. I am a relationship guy, so my consults are more a correspondence than a transaction.

From guiding diagnostics to choosing the right supplements, from age-old therapies like acupuncture to cutting-edge rapamycin, I can help most pets. If I can’t, I’ll tell you upfront.

FAQs about Concierge Veterinary Medicine & Services

Concierge veterinary care involves establishing an exclusive veterinary relationship with direct access between us. Besides prescriptions for my longevity drugs, I can offer my expertise on the best care plans for your pet in the present and future.

Simple questions are always welcome, and if you have more complex issues or need help with a treatment plan, I am happy to set up a concierge consult for you.

I am honored to work with your local veterinarian in whatever role I am needed.  Here’s my promise: however I can help your pet, I will.

If you would like to purchase a prescription drug like rapamycin, acarbose, or metformin, we will need for you to either send us your local veterinarian’s prescription or for you to enroll in a concierge veterinary consult for your pet. 

If you’re interested in getting started with concierge veterinary medicine, just scroll up and hit the button! Easy as that.