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LONGEVITY PLUS-- The ONE supplement every pet should get.

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Do you want a safe, natural approach to helping your pet's pain or allergies?

Are you helping your pet battle cancer or other chronic diseases?  

           That's why we make LONGEVITY PLUS.

LONGEVITY PLUS is our proprietary blend of patented CurcuWin,  Boswellia to fight pain, Ashwagandha for stress, and Bioperine.   Formulated for pets, but taken by pet parents across the country. 

How can Longevity Plus help your pet?  Stop looking at advertising, and look at the studies:

On Curcumin. -- some of the 4000 studies on PubMed...

And about that Boswellia...

You get the idea.


HERE IS MY GUARANTEE ON LONGEVITY PLUS.  If you use this as directed with your pet for a month and do not think they are happier and more active ... I will return 100% of your investment.  

Standard dosing is one capsule per day with food for dogs up to 40 lbs, two caps for larger pets or those dealing with chronic disease.

Each organic vegetarian capsule contains 250 mg of CurcuWin,  75 mg Ashwagandha Extract, 75 mg of Super Boswellia Extract, and 5 mg of BioPerine.  60 veggie caps per bottle.

If you have any questions about Longevity Plus, please use my personal email and get in touch with me at ktomandvm@gmail.com.  I am passionate about your dog's longevity, and I AM HAPPY TO HELP YOU!!

Customer Reviews

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Jeanette Kimball
Helps so much!

Longevity Plus helps to make moving around with less pain possible!

Julie Lundberg

This is such a high quality supplement for pets or people! I love that each order is signed by Dr. Kevin!


I’ve been using this for a few years-and it’s wonderful! Shipping is always fast.

Diane Toman
We love Longevity Plus!!

We have been using Longevity Plus for the last two months for our dogs, and recently my husband began taking it as well. The dogs are more active, and my husband says it has helped his knee pain. We did the research, and are really happy with Longevity Plus. Also, Dr. Kevin has given us a lot of info on other ways to help our dogs grow old more comfortably. Great job!!