Cordyceps Mushroom Extract For Dogs

Cordyceps Mushroom Extract For Dogs

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Cordyceps mushroom extracts may offer several potential health benefits for both dogs and humans. While the benefits of cordyceps mushrooms have been known for centuries in Asian culture, we have to understand that there are not likely to be any direct studies of Cordyceps for dogs in the near future. Despite this, we know the advantages Cordyceps can offer!  

Ingredients: 500 mg of Cordyceps extract, including Cordycepin and polysaccharides

Dosage: Dogs under 40 lbs should get one pill once daily with food.  Dogs over 40 lbs should get one pill twice daily with food.

Quantity: 60 vegetarian caps per bottle.

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What is cordyceps extract?

Our Cordyceps extract is a purified and dehydrated mix of the active ingredients found within Cordyceps mushrooms. 

The dual extraction method that our supplier uses combines hot water extraction and alcohol extraction to obtain a broader spectrum of bioactive compounds from Cordyceps mushrooms. First, the mushrooms are simmered in water to extract water-soluble compounds, followed by soaking in alcohol to extract alcohol-soluble constituents. 

The two extracts are then combined and concentrated to produce a comprehensive cordyceps extract containing a wide range of beneficial compounds.

Common issues that cordyceps for dogs can address

Cordyceps for dogs may help your pet with the following health issues:

Cordyceps can directly benefit chronic kidney disease

Benefits of cordyceps mushroom for dogs

Here are the proven cordyceps mushroom benefits for dogs and humans:

IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: Cordyceps mushrooms contain bioactive compounds like cordycepin and other polysaccharides that may help enhance the immune system function in dogs and humans. A stronger immune system can help dogs fight off infections and diseases more effectively.

ENHANCED ENERGY: Cordyceps are often believed to increase energy levels and endurance. This could be particularly beneficial for active or working dogs, as well as older dogs experiencing age-related fatigue.

RESPIRATORY HEALTH: Traditional use of cordyceps suggests potential benefits for respiratory health. Dogs with respiratory issues such as asthma or bronchitis may experience relief from symptoms due to the bronchodilator effects of cordyceps.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY BENEFITS: Cordyceps mushrooms contain compounds with anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce inflammation in dogs. This could be beneficial for dogs with arthritis or other inflammatory conditions.

KIDNEY SUPPORT: In traditional Chinese medicine, cordyceps mushrooms are often used to support kidney health. While more research is needed in dogs specifically, cordyceps may potentially help protect the kidneys from damage caused by toxins or medications.

 FAQs about cordyceps for dogs

Cordyceps for dogs may be a great choice for your pet if you are looking for a natural way to benefit their immune system, improve respiratory function, or support kidney function. Cordyceps has been used in humans for hundreds of years and is very safe for your dog.

Like other natural products, it will take Cordyceps for dogs a few weeks to reach maximum benefit for your pet.

As a natural product, there are a few Cordyceps mushroom side effects that you need to be aware of. The most common are GI issues (vomiting or diarrhea), which generally resolve as your pet’s GI microbiota adapt to their new friend.

The Cordyceps extract dosage for dogs that we recommend is about 15 mg/lb body weight so a 30-35 lb dog would get about 500 mg of cordyceps extract once daily with food.

Cordyceps and every other mushroom species have specific properties which may help your dog. Dr. Kevin is happy to work with you on a consult basis to develop a treatment plan which includes the best mushrooms for your dog’s individual needs.

If you have a simple question on the use of Cordyceps for dogs, I am happy to help and you can email me at For more complex questions or to develop a treatment plan, we can set up a concierge consult for you.