STAY AT HOME-- The first in home urinalysis kit for cats.

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Tired of the hassle and expense of taking your cat to the vet?  Just imagine how your cat feels --  after all, you're not the one giving the sample.

Introducing Stay At Home, the first IN HOME URINALYSIS kit for cats developed by a veterinarian.

The Stay At Home urinalysis kit includes EVERYTHING you need for a no fuss, no muss analysis of your cat's urine.  The kit includes special non-absorbent litter, a small dropper,  the very SAME test strips your vet uses in their office, and a detailed explanation of the results written by a licensed veterinarian.  

Using the Stay At Home urinalysis kit for cats, you can detect your cat's health issues before they become more serious.

THE STAY AT HOME URINALYSIS IS THE VERY SAME TEST YOUR VET AND I USE IN OUR PRACTICES.  It tests for the same health issues that your vet does-- diabetes, ketosis, kidney disease, dehydration, bloody urine, and infection.  Instant results for you and your cat, without leaving the house!!

Your Stay At Home kit is SHIPPED FREE to your door.  Here's what your kit contains: Everything you need for TWO urinalyses.

  • Two urinalysis test strips
  • Two pipettes to aspirate the urine from the box
  • One cup of non-absorbable kitty litter
  • Two results charts
  • An interpretation of any abnormalities, along with recommended followup tests.
  • Our email, in case you have any questions.  We are here to help you.

How do you use it?  Just follow the enclosed instructions, which tell you to...

  • discard your cat's current litter, and rinse the litter box well with tap water.
  • allow the litter box to air dry
  •  pour our patented non-absorbent litter into the clean and dry litter box
  • Once your cat urinates, simply tilt the box so that the urine pools in a corner
  • Use the included dropper to suck up a small urine sample.  No fuss, no muss.
  • Place one drop of urine on each square of the strip
  • Compare the color of the square to the provided control, and write it down.
  • Use the included explanation to fully understand your cat's urinary health
  • Consult with your veterinarian to develop the perfect approach to your cat's health care.

Ask your cat what they want.  A trip to the vet's... or to STAY AT HOME!!