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You've asked for it!!   Announcing NMN for Pets, in both capsules and bulk powder.

 As we mammals get older, our NAD+ levels within our cells drop significantly.  Because NAD+ is essential for cellular energy production, as these NAD+ levels drop our cells lose energy and age more quickly.  NMN is currently thought to be the best oral approach to increasing NAD+ levels in our cells.

Our NMN has been analyzed at an independent lab and proven just over 98.5% pure. Want to look at the analysis?  Here you go.   How many other suppliers do that?

Simply put, you won't find NMN of this purity ANYWHERE else.  

In response to, well, a BUNCH of inquiries we now offer BULK NMN powder in 36 gram bottles.  This enables both a cheaper price point per dose and for you to pick your preferred path to dosing.

For reference, 36 grams divided by 150 mg daily pet dosage = 240 doses, and at 250 mg daily human dosage = 144 doses.  At $68.75 per 36 gr bottle, this is a VERY cost-effective way to increase NAD+ levels in the family.

You guys know that I'm a believer in studies, not internet propaganda.  Here they are....

A summary of NMN benefits

NMN safety and efficacy

NMN works to elevate NAD+

As with every supplement we sell, you have my personal guarantee.  If you don't see an improvement in your pet's overall quality of life within two months of starting one of our supplements, just let me know.  I'll refund your investment, in full.

Here are Your Choices:

CAPSULES:  Each capsule  contains 150 mg of NMN.   Quantity 30 per bottle. Suggested dose:  1 pill per day with food for dogs under 30 lbs, 1 pill AM and PM for larger dogs.

BULK POWDER:  Detailed above.  Supplied with 100 mg measuring spoon.

Save 10% and get NMN delivered to your door every 30 days with a subscription.  Hey, every buck counts and you can cancel any time.

If you have any questions about NMN and your pet, please use my personal email and get in touch with me at ktomandvm@gmail.com.  I am passionate about your dog's longevity, and I AM HAPPY TO HELP YOU!!

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