High Potency Seven Mushroom Complex for Dogs

High Potency Seven Mushroom Complex for Dogs

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Our High Potency 7-Mushroom Complex for dogs is a prescription-grade blend designed for allergic pets or for pets with immune-related cancers like mast cell tumors or lymphoma.   

We recommend our High Potency 7-Mushroom blend for the best in natural immune support. This prescription-strength mushroom complex for dogs is specifically designed for broad and natural immune support for pets facing immune or cancer challenges.

Ingredients: Our High Potency 7-Mushroom Complex is a mix of organic mushrooms:

*Plus, the adaptogens Astragalus, Ginkgo, and Holy Basil Leaf.

Dosage:  One cap per day for dogs under 40 lbs, one cap twice daily for larger dogs

Quantity:  60 veggie caps per bottle

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Understanding our 7 mushroom complex

Our High Potency 7 Mushroom Complex has been formulated for maximal support to a stressed immune system.  Each mushroom extract ingredient has documented benefits for a pet’s immune system, which can be impacted by stress and chronic medical conditions like allergies, infections, and cancer.

If your dog is facing cancer and its treatment options, broad immune support with mushrooms is an excellent idea. You can learn more from this article.

Mushroom mixes have been known for decades as a natural approach to reduce and help normalize overactive immune systems in both humans and pets. Have an allergic dog? Here’s a study that might interest you.  

Common problems the mushroom complex addresses

Our High Potency 7 Mushroom Complex is specifically designed to support and normalize the immune system for pets with…

  • Severe allergies
  • Immune cancer like mast cell tumors and lymphoma
  • Chronic infections

If your pet’s immune system is challenged by allergies, chronic infections, or cancer, then we should be giving your pet our High Potency 7 Mushroom Complex. Simply put, chronic inflammation will lead to accelerated aging, in a process popularly called “inflamm-aging.” Our Mushroom Complex will fight that fire.

Benefits you can see with the HP7MC

Here’s a summary of the benefits your dog may experience from our mushroom complex:

Reduced inflammation from aging

FAQs about the high potency 7 mushroom complex for dogs

Our High Potency 7 Mushroom Complex is very safe for dogs, with all natural ingredients designed to support the stressed immune system.

The mushroom beta glucans and polysaccharides in our High Potency 7 Mushroom Complex are extracted using a dual method of both hot water and alcohol, ensuring the optimal mix of biologically active ingredients. While some mushrooms such as cordyceps do not require the dual extraction, the triterpenes of chaga and reishi mushrooms are not water soluble and so require the extra work.  

The end result is a highly concentrated mixture of the bioactive mushroom components that will provide maximal benefit to your pet’s immune system.

Like most natural supplements, it will take 4-6 weeks of using our HP7MC at the correct dosage to achieve full benefit. 

In general, the purity of our HP7MC pretty much eliminates any side effects.  If your pet has a sensitive GI tract, you may see vomiting or diarrhea due to the dietary change, and this typically resolves as your pet’s GI flora adapt to their new friend.

Like most supplements and medications, our HP7MC is best given with meals. 

Absolutely. If you’re curious to learn more about how mushroom supplements work and whether it’s the right choice for your pet or anything else about your pet’s health, then you may contact me directly at ktomandvm@gmail.com. Simple questions are easy, and we can set up a consult if things get more complex—get it?