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Rapamycin Really Works

My dog is twelve years old , was lethargic, having kidney issues. After a few months on Rapamycin he is super boy! He is acting about five years younger. He seems happier, too.

Aztec's mom




My dog was having seizures every 2-3 days due to advanced congenital heart failure. He hasn't has a seizure since he started his rapamycin regimen. That was over 6 months ago. It's extended and improved his life.

Lumpy's Mom

Victoria BC


Healthy Pet

For an old dog rapamycin is a miracle drug. You will see a difference within a week. I am happy that I found and ordered pills from them.

Kuzya's dad

New York


My 14+ year old dog Merlin seems to be doing well on it. He runs, jumps, barks and looks like a dog half his age.

Merlin's dad

Los Angeles, CA

LONGEVITY PLUS-- The ONE supplement every pet should get.

For health, for life.

LONGEVITY PLUS-- The ONE supplement every pet should get.
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Do you want a safe, natural approach to helping your pet's pain or allergies?

Are you helping your pet battle cancer or other chronic diseases?  

           That's why we make LONGEVITY PLUS.

LONGEVITY PLUS is our proprietary blend of patented CurcuWin,  Boswellia to fight pain, Ashwagandha for stress, and Bioperine.   Formulated for pets, but taken by pet parents across the country.  Why? Here you go.  THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF CURCUMIN, BOSWELLIA, and ASHWAGANDHA

Here's why Longevity Plus really is the best supplement around. IT IS ABSORBED 46X BETTER THAN OTHER CURCUMIN PRODUCTS. PROVEN, head to head.  Sure, you or your pet can take 46 capsules a day... or one TRANSCEND.   

HERE IS MY GUARANTEE ON LONGEVITY PLUS.  If you use this as directed with your pet for a month and do not think they are happier and more active ... I will return 100% of your investment.  

Each organic vegetarian capsule contains 250 mg of CurcuWin,  75 mg Ashwagandha Extract, 75 mg of Super Boswellia Extract, and 5 mg of BioPerine.  100 veggie caps per bottle.

TRANSCEND.  Better than Nutramax Dasuquin... and Cheaper Too.


TRANSCEND. Better than Nutramax Dasuquin... and Cheaper Too.
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Introducing better arthritis pain relief at a better price.  Proven superior to Dasuquin and other glucosamine/chondroitin products. Want proof?  Here you go.

Each of these 60 capsules contains 40 mg of UC-II, which has been proven to reduce arthritis pain in pets by 68-91%-- WITHOUT DRUGS.  Yep, it works the same in humans!!

HERE IS MY GUARANTEE ON TRANSCEND.  If you use this as directed with your arthritic pet for a month and do not think they are happier and more active ... I will return 100% of your investment.  See if Nutramax has a similar guarantee on Cosequin and Dasuquin.  (Hint - they don't). 

If you have questions about the holistic care of your painful pet, please email me at  There is nothing more important to me, and I will help you.

TRANSCEND capsules are easily administered to cats and small dogs by pulling them open and sprinkling the chicken-flavored ingredients over a moistened meal.

How to Help Your Pet Live Longer

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Fisetin Vet

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Fisetin Vet
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Senolytics for dogs?  You bet, with Fisetin Vet.  As our pets age, some of their cells lose function but are not naturally removed.  These senile, or "zombie", cells release compounds that damage or inhibit normal cells surrounding them... leading to chronic inflammation and likely accelerated aging.

Fisetin is a natural molecule derived from fruits and vegetables that has been proven to stimulate apoptosis, the natural death of these zombie cells.  Want proof?  Here you go.

Each bottle contains 60 veggie capsules, each containing 100 mg of fisetin.

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