Turkey Tail Mushroom For Dogs

Turkey Tail Mushroom For Dogs

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Mushrooms are good for us, so it is only logical that they’re good for your dog, too, but do you know just how much they can help? Turkey tail mushroom capsules for dogs are a simple way to do everything from balancing the GI tract to helping fight cancer. Turkey tail has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, and now there’s plenty of proof that it’s great for your dog’s health, too.

Ingredients: 1 gram of turkey tail concentrate per capsule

Quantity: 60 capsules per bottle

Dosage: 1 capsule twice daily, given with food

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What to know before you buy turkey tail mushroom supplements for dogs

  • Turkey tail mushroom extracts have been used medicinally for hundreds of years. Cultures in China and Japan as well as other places around the globe have used turkey tail mushrooms for their healing properties for as many as 3,000 years!
  • Mushrooms are not the same thing as mushroom supplements! You might be tempted to just buy fresh mushrooms instead of supplements, but don’t be fooled. While they might not harm your dog, you won’t be getting the proper levels or seeing the same impressive results as pure supplements.
  • Prebiotics like turkey tail have lots of health benefits. Prebiotics foster the growth of helpful bacteria and fungi, especially throughout the gastrointestinal tract. There, they can help balance the gut microbiome.

Common problems that turkey tail mushroom addresses

  • Cancer, especially hemangiosarcoma: Over six million dogs get cancer every year, and hemangiosarcoma is particularly dangerous because it’s especially malignant. Turkey tail mushroom extracts have shown surprising benefit for dogs with HSA. In a recent University of Pennsylvania veterinary school, dogs with HSA who were given turkey tail mushroom extract survived about 50% longer than expected.
  • Weak immune systems: Dogs suffering from chronic illness or disease might show extreme lethargy, appetite loss, or gastrointestinal issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, or everyone’s favorite dog farts. The most common signs of a weak immune system in your pet are recurrent ear, skin, or urinary tract infections.
  • Gastrointestinal issues: It’s extremely common for dogs to have GI problems because so much of their immune system resides in their GI tract and so many different things can affect it from allergies to anxiety.

Turkey tail mushroom benefits for dogs

  • Helps fight cancer: Take deadly hemangiosarcoma—dogs with HSA who were given turkey tail mushroom extract survived about 50% longer than expected in a recent University of Pennsylvania veterinary school study
  • Improved GI health: Taking the supplement may help balance your dog’s gut microbiome because it acts as a prebiotic, regulating bacteria in the intestines and stomach.
  • Strengthens immune system: Turkey tail is a natural immune modulator, meaning it can boost the immune system and make it easier for dogs to fight off disease and infection. 
  • Reduce blood sugar levels: This supplement may be able to keep blood sugar levels from spiking and improve insulin resistance, which can help your dog stay more active or even help dogs with type-2 diabetes.

FAQs about turkey tail mushrooms for dogs

Yes, turkey tail dog supplements are completely safe. In fact, turkey tail mushroom extracts have been used for hundreds of years in human medicine and are one of the safest ways to naturally improve immune function for both humans and dogs.

Very few types of cancer can be cured by either natural supplements or prescription drugs. However, turkey tail mushroom extracts have been proven to safely extend life in dogs with hemangiosarcoma, and every extra day of life is a great investment for our loved family pets. 

When you use turkey tail mushrooms for dogs, the side effects are usually quite mild. The most common side effects of the natural mushroom extracts that we carry are simply GI upset, usually diarrhea. It’s almost always temporary while a pet’s system adapts to its new friends, but you should stop using the supplements if it persists and contact us for help.

Every turkey tail mushroom extract has a different potency. When you buy from us at HPLL, we include detailed instructions on the right dosage of turkey tail mushroom for your dogs.

While prescription drugs can take effect as quickly as within a matter of hours, natural supplements like our turkey tail extract will take 2-3 weeks to build to effective blood levels in our pets. 

If you have a simple question on the use of turkey tail mushroom extract in your pet, I am happy to help and you can email me at ktomandvm@gmail.com. For more complex questions or to develop a treatment plan, we can set up a concierge consult for you.