Reishi Mushrooms for Dogs

Reishi Mushrooms for Dogs

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Known to boost the immune system and fight cancer, reishi is considered to be the mushroom of immortality in many Asian cultures. Not a bad thought! We have used them in cases of cancer, chronic infection, and kidney disease.  

One note: they're bitter, so you don't want to bite into one!

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Ingredients: 550 mg of Reishi polysaccharise

Quantity: 60 veggie capsules

Dosage: One tablet per 40 pounds of body weight every day

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What to know before you buy reishi mushroom supplements for dogs

Reishi has been used as a human medicine for centuries in traditional cultures, typically in Asia. It’s even been known as the “mushroom of immortality.” While we aren’t going to make as bold a claim, there are some serious reishi mushroom health benefits that can’t be ignored. Recently, reishi has been used alongside chemotherapy and other cancer treatment in humans, and it provides the same aid to dogs. 

Common problems that reishi for dogs addresses

If your dog suffers from any of the following health issues, they could benefit from reishi supplements for dogs:

  • Cancer and cancer treatment
  • Chronic infections
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Liver or kidney disease

What are the benefits of reishi mushroom for dogs

The benefits of reishi mushrooms include:

FAQs about reishi mushroom for dogs

Reishi extracts are generally very safe for pets and I have used them for a couple of decades now in cancer therapy and for liver and kidney disease. However, I would use them with caution in pets with bleeding diseases like hemangiosarcoma. They also taste terrible, so I would not break them apart to sprinkle over food and I would only give them as whole capsules. 

The dosage of reishi mushrooms for dogs is usually determined based on their weight and size. As per recent studies, 5-10 mg per pound of body weight, is a good reishi mushroom dosage for dogs daily with food.

The most common reishi mushroom supplement side effects run parallel to side effects of other mushroom types : GI upset, which is mainly a problem if you have a pet with a sensitive stomach. Drooling is another side effect, but only if a pet bites directly into a capsule. It’s nothing to worry about, though, it’s just because the capsules don’t taste all that good! 

If your pet has a bleeding issue like autoimmune disease or hemangiosarcoma, I would not recommend their use. 

As with most natural supplements, reishi mushrooms for dogs will take 2-4 weeks for any benefit to develop. 

Either is fine, but mornings are probably better as our GI tracts are more active during the day rather than when we are sleeping. Regardless, it’s always best to give reishi as part of a full meal. 

If you have a simple question on the use of reishi in your pet, I am happy to help and you can email me at For more complex questions or to develop a treatment plan, we can set up a concierge consult for you.