Heart Health

Heart Health


    Our dogs nourish our hearts every day, so we’ve got to return the favor! Canine heart disease affects millions of dogs across the country, but our collection of supplements is proven to improve cardiac function and reduce inflammation.  

    And you should know about rapamycin, the only drug proven to treat cardiomyopathy in both dogs AND cats!!   

    Everything you need to know about dog heart health

    Chances are you’re here because of your dog’s heart condition. Luckily, you’re not alone. Here’s what you need to know about canine heart health:

    • 8 million dogs suffer from heart disease, around 10% of dogs in the U.S.
    • 75% of senior dogs have some heart condition, which can be congenital or acquired over time.
    • Early signs of heart disease in dogs include difficulty breathing, fainting, change in heart rate, and more.
    • Certain dog breeds have a predisposition to congenital heart disease, but many owners are unaware of this in their dogs.
    • Heartworm disease is very common in dogs despite being 100% preventable.
    • Curcumin and taurine are two natural ways to help your pet’s heart remain strong. Your pet’s heart needs taurine for normal function, and many of today’s commercial dog foods lack the taurine your pet needs.
    • Rapamycin is a prescription drug that’s been proven to actually reverse one of the most common types of heart disease: cardiomyopathy. Fun fact: there is no other drug proven to do this for your pet.

    Benefits of dog heart health supplements

    You don’t need to be helpless against your dog’s cardiac issues. We have multiple products geared toward improving heart health in pets: Rapamycin, NMN, Longevity Plus, and Taurine. Here’s what they can do for your pet:

    • Rapamycin is a prescription medicine with numerous health benefits for dogs. It improves cardiac function in pets, and many studies are proving that it can reverse age-related heart dysfunction in dogs. 
    • NMN helps increase NAD+ levels in cells that drop significantly as dogs age. NMN has been proven to help nourish cardiac cells and help to reduce the severity of heart disease.
    • Taurine is an essential amino acid that is lacking in many of today’s commercial dog foods—especially the grain-free versions. Without taurine, your pet is at high risk of developing cardiomyopathy, a disease that weakens the heart muscle itself. The answer? A trusted (and cheap) taurine supplement like ours.
    • Curcumin, a natural compound found in turmeric root fights pain and positively affects risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Our Longevity Plus supplement is the equivalent of 100 capsules of regular curcumin!

    A combination of these supplements can support your dog’s cardiovascular system and may help to head off heart failure. If you’re unsure about what product to use, let’s talk! You’re welcome to reach out or schedule a consultation!

    FAQs about dog heart health supplements

    You may be shocked to hear that dogs even get heart disease—it’s not like they’re eating french fries. It’s actually quite common; an estimated 7.8 million dogs in the U.S.—about 10% of American dogs—suffer from heart disease. Some dog breeds are predisposed to heart disease, but many dogs can acquire cardiovascular issues, too.

    Want an amazing fact? Many dogs’ resting heart rate is 90 bpm—that’s over 129,000 beats per day! No wonder some dogs run into heart problems.

    The most common heart disease amongst dogs is valvular disease, which typically affects smaller dog breeds and makes up for almost 75% of heart disease cases. Heart muscle disease is much less common but typically affects larger dog breeds. Last, you’ve got heartworm disease, which affects many dogs despite being completely preventable with monthly oral pills.

    Persistent cough and difficulty breathing are common signs of congestive heart failure (CHF), which is caused by fluid buildup in the lungs. They also may experience coughing, excessive panting, loss in stamina, loss in appetite, a swollen belly, and a change in coloration of the gums.

    There are five different categories of canine heart care. The first is lifestyle, including weight management, exercise, and healthy diet. The second is veterinary care, such as blood pressure measurement. The third is supplements, the most common of which are taurine and curcumin. The fourth are veterinary drugs, including:

    • Furosemide, which reduces fluid accumulation
    • Vetmedin, which helps heart muscle contract fully
    • Benazepril, which helps dilate blood vessels
    • Various blood pressure medications

    The fifth, and newest, treatment is rapamycin. It’s the only drug proven in scientific studies to reverse some forms of heart disease. It’s prescribed off-label for now, but we should see that change in the coming years.

    Treatment for CHF is not curative, but the right treatment allows your pet to live a long, comfortable life with heart disease. As with most conditions, the sooner the heart disease is identified, the better chance you’ll have at extending your dog’s life. Fortunately, clinical trials have proven rapamycin’s ability to reverse cardiac decline in cases of cardiomyopathy.

    Heart health can be improved for dogs in many of the same ways it can be improved in humans—eating a healthy diet, exercising often, and having regular check-ups with a vet. Knowledge is power, too; know if your dog has a predisposition to heart disease and check for early signs. If you live in an area with mosquitos, you should also give your dog preventative heartworm medicine.

    You sure can! If you have any questions about canine heart health, or canine health in general, you can email me directly at ktomandvm@gmail.com

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