Curcumin for Dogs

Curcumin for Dogs


    More and more people are discovering the health benefits of curcumin, a compound found in turmeric, as a natural way to deal with pain, digestive issues, and even stave off cancer! Its effects work the same for dogs as they do for humans. 

    But, before you start digging through your spice cabinet, you must know two things: turmeric is not the same as curcumin, and most curcumin and turmeric supplements for dogs on the market today have a hard time getting absorbed by the body. Lucky for you, our Longevity Plus supplement is 100% more bioavailable than regular curcumin!

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    What you should know about curcumin dog supplements

    Curcumin, as found in our Longevity Plus supplement, is truly an incredible little compound. With plenty of scientific research to back it up, here are the brass tacks: 

    • Curcumin and turmeric are not the same thing. Actually, only 3-4% of turmeric is the active ingredient curcumin, so regular turmeric supplements are really of no benefit to either human or pet health. Also, standard curcumin is very poorly absorbed from the GI tract, meaning very little gets into the bloodstream—unless you are using advanced curcumin products like our Longevity Plus supplement.
    • Curcumin directly inhibits inflammation, which is not only a source of pain but also is a primary driver of aging in both humans and pets. 
    • Curcumin has been proven to fight cancer by both reducing inflammation and also by directly targeting cancer cells themselves.  
    • Allergies cause issues for many dogs in the same way they do for people, and curcumin is the single most potent natural supplement for allergies because of how it interrupts immune mediators and reduces inflammation.
    • If you’re not using our Longevity Plus, absorption of curcumin for dogs can be improved by pairing it with black pepper and fatty meals or even warming it up.

    Curcumin benefits for dogs

    When you get a bottle of our Longevity Plus supplement, you’ll get access to all of the documented curcumin benefits for dogs, such as:

    • Curcumin relieves pain and inflammation associated with everything from allergies to joint pain by targeting specific molecules and pathways in the body. 
    • Curcumin helps fight cancer in several key ways, like preventing the spread of cancerous cells, inhibiting tumor growth, and controlling mast cell activation. It also causes cancer cell death, called apoptosis.
    • Curcumin helps support the immune system thanks to its antimicrobial properties and ability to boost the body’s defenses. It can also fight the effects of allergic diseases. In fact, there’s no better supplement for fighting allergies than curcumin—take it from an experienced vet!

    FAQs about curcumin and turmeric supplements for dogs

    There is a wealth of research and studies done on the benefits of curcumin in dogs and humans. At last count, there were over 5,000 curcumin studies listed on PubMed or Google Scholar. If you’re interested in doing a deep dive, here’s just a small sampling for you to browse on curcumin’s health benefits:

    Yes, curcumin is a naturally occurring compound found in the turmeric root. It’s not chemically created or altered. However, curcumin and turmeric aren’t the same thing (more on that below).

    No, turmeric is not the same thing as curcumin! This is something that many supplement sellers gloss over, so listen up! Curcumin is the only active ingredient in turmeric, and curcumin only makes up about 3-4% of turmeric by volume. If you are using standard turmeric, the odds are that you and your pet are receiving zero benefit from it. Want studies? I’ve got them.

    Standard dosing for Longevity Plus is one capsule per day with food for dogs up to 40 pounds and two capsules per day with food for larger pets or those dealing with chronic disease. If you’re not sure what dosage is right for your pet, just reach out and ask! You can reach me at

    Yes, if the right dosage and instructions from an experienced vet are followed. The most common side effects are upset stomach, nausea, and diarrhea. The correct dosage taken in the correct form is the best way to avoid this. If you notice any adverse effects, simply stopping the supplement will generally solve the issue.

    Curcumin can help support a longer life, but it’s not a magic pill! It’s simply part of a healthy supplement regimen. Luckily, Longevity Plus is far more effective than generic curcumin thanks to its ability to help boost absorption into your pet’s system.

    No! Longevity Plus is our proprietary blend of patented CurcuWin plus Boswellia to fight pain, Ashwagandha for stress, and Bioperine. Just one capsule is equivalent to 100 generic curcumin capsules—crazy, right?

    Of course! I am happy to answer a quick question about curcumin for dogs via email at  For more complex questions or help in developing a treatment plan, we can set up a concierge consult for you.

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