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RAPAMYCIN CAPSULES... Because No Dog Lives Long Enough.

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Rapamycin for Dogs.  Like yours.

If you're asking where to buy rapamycin for dogs or about rapamycin for dogs with cancer, you've come to the right place.

If you've ever looked into your pet's eyes and wished they could live forever... Welcome!!  Studies show that rapamycin...

  • promotes a longer life in mammals,
  • fights cancer, 
  • decreases pain and inflammation, and
  • improves cardiac function for our dogs.

How do you get rapamycin for dogs? RAPAMYCIN IS A PRESCRIPTION DRUG.  You can order rapamycin from us with...

  • A prescription from your veterinarian
  • By enrolling your pet in our RAPAMYCIN STUDY GROUP
  • With a CONSULT, out here on the beautiful CA Central Coast.

Want to know more? Here is a link to FAQs on rapamycin for dogs

We are always happy to work with your veterinarian to answer any questions they may have about rapamycin and its potential benefits or risks for your pet.

Our suggested rapamycin dosage for dogs is 1 mg per 20-22 lbs of your pet's weight given 3x weekly with food.  Thus, 12 capsules will provide one month's worth of benefits to your pet.  We have used this dose in well over 300 pets without any side effects.



Customer Reviews

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total turnaround

I was so worried about my almost 11 year old St Bernard when she began having trouble getting up from laying down, going up stairs and showing overall decrease in energy. Rapamycin has totally aged her backwards. She's not a puppy again, but she's able to move easier and excited for walks and frolics in the snow. I've been telling everyone about rapamycin

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14 yr old Border Collie

My 14 year old is still chasing frisbees, sharp as ever!

Seems legit

My super healthy 13 year old Vizla has been on it for over a year. It’s been amazing. I believe it helps with arthritis (she moves great) energy level and over all health.
Keep note my dog baseline prior to rampamycin was super healthy. I believe it really extended her overall health!

John Livingston
So far So good

My dog Charlie's been on the Rapamycin for about a week now, so we won't know the impact for a while, however, Dr. Kevin has been amazing providing feedback.

Jane Rosaasen
Early but Positive

Our 15 year old has been on Rapamycin for just over 1 week with no adverse side effects. His mobility seems to be improved but will wait for another 10 days to provide update.