Rapamycin  for Dogs

RAPAMYCIN FOR DOGS. Because No Dog Lives Long Enough.

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Rapamycin for Dogs.  Like yours.

If you've ever looked into your pet's eyes and wished they could live forever... Welcome!!  You're in the right spot.  

Studies show that rapamycin...

  • promotes a longer life in mammals,
  • fights cancer, 
  • decreases pain and inflammation, and
  • improves cardiac function for our dogs.

Learn more about rapamycin for dogs here.

How do you get rapamycin for dogs? RAPAMYCIN IS A PRESCRIPTION DRUG, so everyone can order rapamycin from us with EITHER...

We are ALWAYS happy to work with your veterinarian to answer any questions they may have about rapamycin and its potential benefits or risks for your pet.

Our suggested rapamycin dosage for dogs is 1 mg per 20-22 lbs of your pet's weight given 3x weekly with food.  Thus, 12 capsules will provide one month's worth of benefits to your pet.  We have used this dose in well over 300 pets without any side effects.

If you have any questions about rapamycin, please use my personal email and get in touch with me at ktomandvm@gmail.com.  I am passionate about your dog's longevity, and I AM HAPPY TO HELP YOU!!



Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Kanders
Rapamycin Seems to Give My Dog Energy

I am pleased with the results of the rapamycin. Before my dog took it, she was lethargic. Now she has good energy. I believe the rapamycin helped her.


I'm rather conservative in expectations, so I was stunned to notice my 2 65 lb almost 12 year old brother and sister shepherd/yellow lab street dogs respond so well, so quickly. What really surprised me was the tremendous diminishment of size of several lipomas they both have (all biopsied ok). I was a little concerned at how large a few of them were becoming. Approximately 3 weeks in, I suddenly realized they had shrunk more than half in size.
I realize causation does not = correlation, but C'mon. These guys are on super healthy diet and supplements and it wasn't until rapamycin that the lipomas quickly diminished in size, still doing so btw.
I also began giving both dogs NMN low dose, every day.
They are happy, cognizant, having fun and enjoying life.
Thank you for this opportunity to improve the quality of life of my friends.

Paul in Bali
So far so good

This is the 2nd order for my 11 year old Pomeranian who had a patella surgery 3 years ago and went from super active to quite non active. Running was out of the question. She is running again , more alert and seems like a few years younger. I give her 0.5 mg every 5 days or so

Russell C.
Definitely benefits our English and French Bullies

Dr. K is responsive and we are happy to have our dogs on rapamycin. So far, we have seen a marked increase in energy levels.

Jonathan Williams
Just started treatment

We recently started giving out dog rapamycin, so far no adverse side effects. Delivery of the medication was fast and simple.