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RAPAMYCIN CAPSULES... Because No Dog Lives Long Enough.

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Rapamycin for Dogs.  Like yours.

Want to help your dog live their best life?  We are the only source for prescription rapamycin formulated just for dogs. Studies show that rapamycin...

  • promotes a longer life in mammals,
  • fights cancer, 
  • decreases pain and inflammation, and
  • improves cardiac function for our dogs.

Want to know more? Here is a link to FAQs on rapamycin for dogs

Our dosing is based on the Kaeberlein study on rapamycin for dogs at University of Washington,, and translates into 1 mg per 20-22 lbs of your pet's weight given 3x weekly with food.  Thus, 12 capsules will provide one month's worth of benefits to your pet.

Please note that rapamycin is a PRESCRIPTION item. If you do not have a prescription, you are welcome to join our study group We can also send it for compassionate use if your pet has terminal cancer.   We are always happy to work with your veterinarian to answer any questions they may have about rapamycin and its potential benefits for your pet.


Customer Reviews

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Anis Arafat
Rapamycin for my 13.5 year Golden Girl

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to give my feedback on Rapamycin for my 13.5 year, 75lb Golden Retriever dog. I did as much research as possible and when my options were to just really see my dog suffer with her pain and do nothing I decided to try this. She is in her third week of the 12x3.0MG for 60# dog. She is also taking CBD oil as well. My observations have been very positive. I know Rapamycin in large doses for humans does come with side effects but so far with this lower dose it has been very good. She is walking better, eating more normally and actually wants to play in a dog park. It has been pretty remarkable. I don't want to say this is some sort of miracle drug as further observations for a longer time frame are needed but so far it has been amazing. Please consult with your vet before trying this but know that there just isn't that much research. I actually was able to correspond with Dr. Kevin and his genuine care for Samantha (my Golden) was deeply appreciated. I can't thank him enough and thanks to everyone that helps make this possible.

Paula Marie Deubel
Rapamycin Really Works

My dog is twelve years old and started having kidney issues and was very lethargic. After a few months on Rapamycin he is super boy! He really is acting about five years younger. He seems happier, too.

Julie Oermann
My dogs seem more youthful!


Peter Jannotta
Tiger gets a boost

Our mixed breed was acting sluggish as he aged so we’re trying rampyicin and so far he’s doing great!

judy jordan
Has made a huge difference!

I live in the boondocks where the vets (and human doctors) are sometimes good, sometimes quite good, but not at all up to date on the newest research so I often find myself printing out studies and articles for both my vets and human doctors to try and encourage them to prescribe some of the newest longevity or arthritis drugs. Usually they say no. Which I guess is understandable. But while they were saying no, my pug was turning 14 years old. A PUG who is FOURTEEN is amazing. That is old for a pug who might live to 12 IF you are lucky. And she showed it. I'm sure she had some dementia and I could barely convince her to go for one short walk per day in the cool evening. And while she didn't complain, I know she has some arthritis that was hurting her. But she's my cuddlebug and I want a couple more years of her snoring by my side so I searched the web and fortunately found Dr. Kevin. It only took a couple of doses of rapa for me to see a difference. After the first week, I definitely saw signs of regaining mental function and she got more energy and started following me and the other dogs on two walks a day. Now she sometimes goes for three short walks a day. She even runs a bit. (Okay it's more like a slow waddle, like a blind pickle barrel on toothpick legs trying to run, but that's more than I've seen from my Chubinca in a long time :-) ) She doesn't like taking pills and usually it is quite a fight to get her to take one but I bury the rapa in peanut butter and so far have had no trouble. I'm now giving her UC-11 and Longevity Plus at the recommendation of Dr.Kevin. I take boswelia and curcumin for my own health so why not give it to my beloved dogs and combined in one pill.