NMN Supplement for Dogs
NMN Supplement for Dogs

NMN Supplement for Dogs

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YOU'VE ASKED FOR IT!! Announcing NMN for Dogs, in both capsules and bulk powder. NMN supplements for dogs are an easy to administer that may help your pet live longer! But how? Basically, studies show that it works to enhance dogs’ metabolism, boost their energy, and improve everything from insulin sensitivity to eye function. 

As we mammals get older, our NAD+ levels within our cells drop significantly. Because NAD+ is essential for cellular energy production, as these NAD+ levels drop, our cells lose energy and age more quickly. NMN is currently thought to be the best oral approach to increasing NAD+ for dogs and humans alike.

Ingredients: 98.5% pure NMN-- proven in independent lab analysis.

Quantity: 30 convenient 150 mg capsules or an economical 36-gram bottle of powder

Dosage: 150 mg per day for pets under 30 lbs, 300 mg for pets over 30 lbs

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Here’s what to know about NMN for dogs

NMN for dogs may have the power to not just help your pet live longer, but help them feel better and healthier in their everyday lives. If you’ve never heard of it before, here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Aging leads to declining levels of NAD+. Studies show this can be a source of age-related cell dysfunction and impairment, which is why it’s important to boost those levels if possible.
  • Currently, NMN is considered the best way to orally increase NAD+ levels in our cells. By increasing NAD+ levels in our cells, NMN can both benefit cellular metabolism and reduce the formation of senescent cells.  
  • Studies have shown NMN is as safe for pets as it is for humans.

Common problems that dog NMN may help address

Wondering what problems an NMN supplement for dogs can help you with? Take a look at the issues a decrease in NAD+ levels is associated with in published studies.

NMN powder benefits for dogs

NMN supplements can offer plenty of benefits for your dog:

  • Anti-inflammation: NMN has shown anti-inflammatory properties in pets. NMN alleviates inflammatory pathway activation—these pathways are associated with the development of a number of chronic diseases.
  • Increased energy levels: NMN has been shown to increase energy metabolism, which helps increase energy production and decrease age-related energy decrease.
  • Extend your dog’s lifespan: Animal studies have shown that NMM can improve lifespan with great safety by slowing cellular aging and improving cell function.
  • Improve heart health: Boosting NAD+ levels has links to improving blood flow and helping combat vascular aging.

Other potential benefits: In a study on mice, NMN was able to suppress age-related weight gain, enhance energy and physical activity, improve insulin sensitivity, and a slew of other benefits. Want proof? Here you go.

FAQs about our NMN for dogs

Yes, NMN is very safe for dogs and humans both. While human studies are limited, there are many animal studies—here’s one—showing its safety and efficacy. 

Absolutely! Every product we sell is human-grade, and we have many customers who purchase them for their own use because of our price and quality. We test every batch of NMN for purity and contamination at an independent reference lab, and our last batch was over 98.5% pure. Check out the results for yourself here

Yes! Studies show that NMN may reduce inflammation by alleviating inflammation pathway activation. This contributes to its anti-aging properties as inflammation is linked to the development of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and many other chronic diseases.

How much NMN should you give your dogs? Our current NMN dosage recommendations are 150 mg per day for dogs up to 30 lbs in weight, and 300 mg per day for pets larger than that. We offer capsules and an oral powder, which is both cheaper and can be sprinkled over your pet’s food. 

There are two things to consider when purchasing NMN, or any other supplement, for your pet. The first is the seller, and the second is the purity of your supplement. These are what set us at HPLL apart. I am a licensed veterinarian with over 30 years of helping pets like yours, and we test every batch of NMN we purchase for purity and contamination at an independent analytical lab. Here is the analysis of our last batch.

Early human studies showed that NMN was best absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth, rather than in the stomach. More recent studies don't show any real difference. However, given the elongated oral cavity of most dogs, there probably is a slight benefit in absorption for the oral powder. Most folks find the powder is easier to use, as you just mix a very small scoop of it into your pet's food. The powder is also significantly cheaper than the pills.

Always! If you're curious to know more before you buy NMN for your dogs, feel free to contact me directly at ktomandvm@gmail.com.