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Acarbose has been widely used in human medicine for years, but what about acarbose for dogs? Here’s the exciting part: acarbose is one of only a HANDFUL of drugs PROVEN to extend lifespan in the NIA ITP studies. Acarbose has also been proven to reduce blood sugar, inflammation, body weight, arthritic pain, and help reduce cancer risk!

Ingredients: Acarbose

Acarbose dosingDogs 30-60 lbs should get one pill twice daily after meals.

Quantity: 60 pills, each containing 25 mg acarbose

PLEASE NOTE THAT ACARBOSE IS A PRESCRIPTION DRUG.  This means to you that we CANNOT ship it to you without either your local veterinarian's prescription -- and we are happy to help with that -- or after a CONCIERGE CONSULT with me.

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What is acarbose?

Acarbose is a drug widely used in human medicine to help reduce blood sugar levels, and it’s just as useful in dealing with dog blood sugar levels. It has many additional benefits to improving overall health, too. What is much more interesting is that it is one of the very few drugs actually proven to increase longevity in clinical studies. Combining rapamycin and acarbose increases longevity by an even greater amount. 

Common problems that acarbose for dogs can address

Scientific studies have established an association between acarbose and longevity has been proven to increase lifespan, and that effect is magnified with rapamycin. Acarbose can address the following problems in canine health:

  • Reduce blood sugar levels
  • Help well-loved pets lose weight
  • Reduce inflammation and pain

Due to the Warburg effect, acarbose also has the potential to reduce tumor growth rates in cancer patients. 

Acarbose benefits for pets

Curious about the many benefits of acarbose? Take a look at the research:

FAQs about acarbose 25 mg for dogs

Acarbose is very safe for dogs when used at the dose prescribed by your veterinarian or by Dr. Kevin during a concierge consult. As your pet is adjusting to acarbose, you may see loose stool or smell the dreaded dog farts because it essentially keeps sugar in the intestine rather than letting it be absorbed. Sugar ferments to gas and sucks water into the gut—enough said. This effect almost always disappears as your pet’s intestines adapt to acarbose.

Acarbose is a prescription drug most commonly used in diabetes control, both in humans and pets. As more studies have come out, we’ve learned it's also a longevity drug because of its numerous health benefits.

No, acarbose is a prescription drug. We cannot ship it to you without either your local veterinarian’s prescription or your signing up for a concierge consult with Dr. Kevin.

Acarbose is a very safe drug for humans and pets. However, as detailed above about its safety, it may cause temporary loose stools and gas as your pet’s intestines get used to acarbose.

If you have questions about acarbose for your dog or any other part of their health care, you can e-mail Dr. Kevin at For more complex issues or to set up a treatment plan, we can get you set up with a concierge consult.

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