Mannose powder

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Mannose is a simple sugar that naturally occurs in certain fruits, including cranberries. It's believed to help prevent bladder infections, particularly those caused by E. coli bacteria, which are responsible for the majority of urinary tract infections (UTIs). Here's how mannose works to prevent bladder infections:

  1. Blocking bacterial adhesion: E. coli bacteria have tiny hair-like structures called fimbriae that allow them to adhere to the lining of the urinary tract, including the bladder. Mannose works by binding to these fimbriae instead of allowing them to bind to the bladder walls. When mannose molecules are present in the urine, E. coli bacteria are more likely to bind to mannose molecules instead of the bladder wall. This prevents the bacteria from establishing an infection and allows them to be flushed out of the body during urination.

  2. Promoting bacterial expulsion: Once mannose binds to E. coli bacteria, it facilitates their expulsion from the body through urination. By preventing these bacteria from adhering to the bladder walls, mannose helps to reduce the likelihood of an infection taking hold and allows the body's natural defense mechanisms to eliminate the bacteria more effectively.

  3. Supporting urinary tract health: In addition to its anti-adhesive properties, mannose may also help to support overall urinary tract health.

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