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Metformin has many health benefits for humans, but how about metformin for dogs? Science not only shows the benefits of metformin for dogs with diabetes but also other advantages such as the fact that it can minimize the progression of heart disease in dogs. Metformin has been proven to reduce inflammation and may help to reduce cancer incidence. It’s clear that metformin for your dog has a wide number of health and longevity benefits. 

Ingredients: Metformin

Dosage:  250 mg

Quantity:  60 pills

PLEASE NOTE THAT METFORMIN IS A PRESCRIPTION DRUG.  This means to you that we CANNOT ship it to you without either your local veterinarian's prescription -- and we are happy to help with that -- or after a CONCIERGE CONSULT with me. 

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What exactly is metformin?

Metformin is a widely used human drug that’s even older than I am, as it was first used for human diabetics back in 1957. Although its most common use is to reduce blood sugar in diabetics, through the decades we have learned that metformin reduces inflammation, body weight, and the progression of heart disease. There’s even evidence that it can help fight cancer

With so many advantages, it’s a great option for boosting your pet’s longevity.

Common problems metformin for dogs can help with

Metformin for dogs is a logical thought if you want to do everything you can to help your dog live longer. There are many problems it addresses, including:

  • Metformin can help dogs with heart problems
  • Metformin can help dogs prone to diabetes
  • Metformin can help well-loved dogs reduce body weight
  • Metformin may help dogs with cancer
  • Metformin may help dogs with arthritis by reducing inflammation

Benefits of metformin for dogs

FAQs about metformin and dogs

Metformin is a drug that can be used safely in dogs at the dosages recommended by your veterinarian or by Dr. Kevin as part of a consult. Dogs with kidney problems should not be given metformin.

Metformin is a prescription drug; thus, you’ll need either a prescription from your local veterinarian or a concierge consult with Dr. Kevin to order it.

Metformin is classified as an oral anti-diabetic drug used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, typically for the overweight/obese and those with normal kidney function. While it has a focus on anti-diabetic benefits, the other benefits speak for themselves (more on that next).

Yes, as said, metformin provides more benefits than reducing blood sugar levels and helping reduce body weight. We’ve seen in studies that it can help reduce inflammation, fight cancer, and slow the progression of heart disease in dogs. Want sources? We have them!

Like many drugs, metformin for dogs can create GI upset especially if your pet has a sensitive stomach.  That’s why we always recommend that it be given with food. We generally do not recommend metformin for pets with kidney disease, as it may predispose them to a complication called lactic acidosis.

If you have questions about metformin for your dog or any other part of their health care, you are welcome to e-mail Dr. Kevin at For more complex issues or to set up a treatment plan, we can get you set up with a concierge consult.

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