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RAPAMYCIN CAPSULES... Because No Dog Lives Long Enough.

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Rapamycin for Dogs.  Like yours.

Want to help your dog live their best life?  We are the only source for prescription rapamycin formulated just for dogs. Studies show that rapamycin...

  • promotes a longer life in mammals,
  • fights cancer, 
  • decreases pain and inflammation, and
  • improves cardiac function for our dogs.

Want to know more? Here is a link to FAQs on rapamycin for dogs

Our dosing is based on the Kaeberlein study on rapamycin for dogs at University of Washington,, and translates into 1 mg per 20-22 lbs of your pet's weight given 3x weekly with food.  Thus, 12 capsules will provide one month's worth of benefits to your pet.

Please note that rapamycin is a PRESCRIPTION item, and we will cancel your order without a valid veterinary prescription.  This will cost you $20 in processing fees.  If you do not have a prescription, you are welcome to join our study group We can also send it for compassionate use if your pet has terminal cancer.   We are always happy to work with your veterinarian to answer any questions they may have about rapamycin and its potential benefits for your pet.


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Stephanie McCarty

My dog was having seizures every 2-3 days due to advanced congenital heart failure of the left ventrical. He hasn't has a seizure since he started his rapamycin regimen. That was over 6 months ago. It's extended and improved his life.

David Dayan
It might work

My 14+ year old dog Merlin seems to be doing well on it. He runs, jumps, barks and looks like a dog half his age.


more energy not as stiff. this is early so might be a kind of placebo effect from me

Anis A.
Rapamycin for my 13.5 year Golden Girl

After doing research and really not finding anything else out there that could help my Dog, this was a life saver. I hope to have many more years with Samantha thanks to Rapamysin and Dr. Kevin!

Vladimir Vasilets
Healthy Pet

For an old dog rapamycin is a miracle drug. You will see a difference within a week. I am happy that I found HelpingPetsLiveLonger.com. and ordered pills from them.