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CBD has been proven in dogs to...

Listen, there is a LOT of BS on the web about CBD products and their use.  One study of 16 pet CBD products showed that over half had NO (ZERO) CBD in them at all.  You need to KNOW and TRUST your CBD manufacturer, which is why I am partnering with ElleVet Sciences.  Simply put, they are the leader in pet CBD because they have done the studies to prove not only CBD content but also the effectiveness of their product. 

In fact, ElleVet gives you a two month guarantee -- If you don't see a benefit from their product within 2 months, send it back to me for a full refund.  Of course, I offer the same guarantee without a time line, so you are pretty well covered there.  Look around and see what guarantees other folks offer... and you'll come back to us.

Here's what we carry:

  -ELLEVET CHEWS FOR MEDIUM AND LARGE DOGS: These are flavored with chicken and contain not only CBD but also glucosamine/chondroitin.   Peanut butter flavor.  Qty 62 per bag.

        Med Chews for Dogs up to 40 lbs contain 12.8 mg of CBD +CBDA per chew

        Large Chews for Dogs over 40 lbs contain 19.2 mg of CBD +CBDA per chew

  -ELLEVET CBD +CBDA SOFT GELS:  These have no smell or taste, and so are easily hidden in meals or treats.  Also great for dogs with GI sensitivities.  The small and medium sizes contain 124 caps/bottle, the large and XL contain 62 caps/bottle.

        Small:  Dogs 5-19 lbs, contain 3.8 mg of CBD/CBDA per cap.

        Med: Dogs 20-59 lbs, contain 11.3 mg of CBD/CBDA per cap.

        Large: Dogs 60-89 lbs, contain 28 mg of CBD/CBDA per cap.

        XL:  Dogs over 89 lbs, contain 37.5 mg of CBD/CBDA per cap.

  -ELLEVET HIGH POTENCY CALM/COMFORT TREATS:  For high stress episodes (vet visits, fireworks, car rides, etc).  Use about 1.5 hours before need.  Each chew contains 46 mg of CBD+CBDA.  Qty 4 per tin.

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