Here's How To Help Your Pet Live Longer-- 12 Truths from an Integrative Veterinarian

Want to help your pet live longer?   Here's how.  Twelve truths from an integrative veterinarian.  From diets to lawns, from dentals to mushrooms. Together we can make a difference!!

1) ASK YOUR VET... WHY?  Why are you recommending this vaccine?  Why should I use this drug in my pet?  Because any veterinarian who cannot answer your questions will not help your pet live longer.  Here's how to choose a good veterinarian.

2) AVOID MANICURED LAWNS-- because both RoundUp and Weed/Feed products have been linked to fatal lymphoma in dogs.   Think about this next time you walk at a park or golf course.  

3)  LIFESTYLE VS. LONGEVITY?  Dogs are great athletes-- on one level.  The more stairs, jumping, and twisting they do, the shorter their healthspan.  This is especially true for long wheelbase dogs like Dachshunds and Corgis, for whom spinal disease is a constant threat.  

4) YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT... The days of meat byproducts are over.  Grain free diets have cured an awful lot of skin problems.  Fish diets are better than poultry, and poultry is a whole lot better than red meats. Raw diets are great, as long as you know what HPP means.  If you want to help your pet live longer, cook for them at home.  

5) THIN PETS LIVE LONGER.  Less fat = Less cancer.  Less fat = Less arthritis.  Less fat = Less hormonal disease.  Every pound of weight loss will help your pet live longer.   

6) REDUCE INFLAMMATION-- your pet's life depends upon it.  Allergies, infections, and arthritis are not just uncomfortable -- they actually will shorten your pet's life.  I can show you how to solve them and help your pet live longer.

7) NOT ALL SUPPLEMENTS ARE CREATED EQUAL... but the right ones really work.  Here's how curcumin, undenatured type II collagen, and turkey tail mushrooms can help your pet live longer.

8) YOUR DOG'S DNA will beat your lifestyle every time.  Mountain breeds won't live as long in Phoenix.  Flat-faced breeds hate humidity.  Stairs will kill long dogs like Corgis and Dachshunds.   So think a little before you choose a new pet....

9)  TO VACCINATE... or not?  The right answer might surprise you.  The bottom line?  Vaccinate only against known risks dictated by your pet's lifestyle-- not because your vet tells you to.  Want to learn more?

10) PARASITES--  Heartworm will kill dogs, but when is your dog actually at risk?  What are the safest flea preventives?  How can you avoid ticks without drugs?  As an integrative vet, I believe that the fewer drugs we put into or onto your pet... the longer your pet will live.

11) WEEKLY MASSAGE -- Hey, why not spoil your dog?  More importantly, over 90% of skin cancers cancers can be cured with early detection and minor surgery. Boxers and bulldogs are easy, but this is especially important for long-haired breeds.  EARLY DETECTION OF BUMPS COUNTS!!

12) BAD BREATH, SHORT LIFE.  If your pet's breath smells, they have periodontal disease.  Why does that matter?  Because periodontal disease is proven to shorten lifespan by up to 10% in both humans and pets




How To Help Your Pet Live Longer