My family had German Shepherds for as long as I remember, so I know exactly why folks love them as we do. Unfortunately, our GSD pals also come with a number of health issues, amongst them allergies, arthritis, and neurologic disease. Our Shepherd bundle of supplements is a simple way to help reduce the risk and severity of these health issues in German Shepherds and their kin. 

Allergic disease, and its cousin IBD, are very common in Shepherd breeds. I strongly recommend EARLY diagnosis and potential hyposensitization to reduce the long term effects of both ALLERGIES and IBD in our pets

Arthritis in German Shepherds can infamously be due to genetic hip dysplasia, but can also be due to the wear and tear on joints/spine caused by an active lifestyle. Because hip dysplasia is 100% HERITABLE, the best way to treat hip dysplasia is to avoid it in the first place by evaluating BOTH parents of a prospective puppy for hip dysplasia through either Penn Hip or OFA procedures. If a breeder cannot document that their dogs' hips are sound, simply avoid puppies from them.  

The wear and tear of osteoarthritis can be minimized by weight control and by avoiding both stairs and jumping/twisting behavior... even if your dog wants to play like that. You can learn more about how to help painful dogs in our DOG ARTHRITIS WORKSHEET.  

Spinal problems are unfortunately very common in Shepherds and their kin. These can take the form of genetic Degenerative Myelopathy, another disease which can easily be tested for and avoided early in the game, and also the wear and tear of an active lifetyle.

Our Shepherd bundle contains three supplements PROVEN in both clinical practice and scientific study. These are...

  • LONGEVITY PLUS, which contains patented CurcuWin Ultra Plus, an advanced curcumin that is over 100x more bioavailable than typical curcumin products. Curcumin has been proven the most potent natural anti-inflammatory supplement -- excellent for both pain and for allergies -- and also has broad anti-cancer properties. We add in boswellia for its pain relief and ashwagandha to reduce stress, a valuable attribute with some shepherds.
  • TRANSCEND is our brand of Undenatured Type 2 collagen, which has been proven superior to glucosamine/chondroitin products in reducing joint pain and inflammation... in both humans AND pets. Try some yourself and you will see.
  • ALPHA LIPOIC ACID has been shown to reduce spinal inflammation and also to protect neurons from damage. Our ALA supplement contains only the potent R enantiomer, not the cheaper S enantiomer, for best activity. 

Our goal with our Shepherd supplement pack is to make proven supplemens availble to you and your pet... simply. And it never hurts to save a little money along the way.