It's true. Retrievers and pit bulls really are the best dogs in the world:) Unfortunately, many times they come with their own set of issues-- things like allergies, arthritis pain, and cancer. This means that we need to pay particular attention to everything from diet and lifestyle through vaccine use and on to supplements and longevity drugs like rapamycin. 

I have selected the supplement bundle below based upon the needs of the pit bulls and retrievers I have personally seen in veterinary clinics over the last 30 years. This may not be a complete list, but it's a heck of a start. Our bundles make it simple for you to buy the right products and also save a little money along the way.  

This bundle contains three supplements proven both in years of veterinary practice and also by scientific study. 

  • LONGEVITY PLUS contains patented CurcuWin Ultra Plus, which offers over 100x more bioavailability than regular curcumin, and has broad anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains ashwagandha to reduce stress and the potent anti-inflammatory ingredient boswellia. 
  • TRANSCEND: The active ingredient in Transcend, Undenatured Type 2 Collagen, has been proven the most effective supplement in reducing both joint inflammation AND the progression of arthritis, in both humans and pets.
  • ELLEVET CBD has multiple studies behind it showing effectiveness in reducing pain, skin inflammation, and even seizures. This is particularly important given a recent study that showed over half of CBD products bought online contain NO (ZERO) CBD.  

If you'd like to learn more, here are links to our ALLERGY, ARTHRITIS, and CANCER PREVENTION pages. And if you REALLY want to have a full understanding of ALL your pet's needs, you should sign up for a CONCIERGE CONSULT with me. I'd b e honored to partner with you to help your pet. All the best, Dr. Kevin