Mast cell tumors, or MCT, are one of the most common types of cancer in our dogs. Please understand that just a diagnosis of MCT means very little without staging, because there are some low grade MCT that will likely NEVER come back to haunt you and then there are more malignant grades of MCT that we better get serious about. A full biopsy of your pet's excised tumor is pretty darn critical, for this reason.

Here is a WORKSHEET ON MAST CELL TUMORS for your use. 

It is important for you to understand that there are mast cells present in EVERY dog and human, and they are a normal component of our immune response. But chronic immune stimulation... and bad luck... can turn normal mast cells into cancer, and early detection becomes REALLY important. Mast cell tumors start as bumps smaller than a pencil lead, and the earlier you catch them the easier they are to remove. If your dog has a history of MCT, regular baths and massages just became part of your routine. 

Another part of your routine should be trying to minimize ANY source of inflammation in your pet's body, as chronic inflammation sets the table for MCT. This means that you should solve allergies and infections EARLY in the game, and also that you should take a hard look at reducing your pet's vaccine protocol. Remember, vaccines are designed to STIMULATE inflammation... and that's the last thing your pet needs.

The traditional approach to MCT has always been surgery, and that is still often the best approach. However, there is a new kid on the block, a drug called Stelfonta. When injected into MCT, Stelfonta causes the tumor to die and slough away. Stelfonta can only be used in certain areas of a pet's body, but this discussion is WELL worth having with your local vet.

For MCT that are surgically inaccessible or simply too darn big to remove, there is an oral drug called Palladia. It's be en around for a few years and, although originally developed for MCT, it is now widely used for other tumor types as well. It is a good choice for home care of advanced MCT, although about half the time pets develop GI problems (especially vomiting) which can limit its use.

One drug you should also consider for your pet with MCT is prescription RAPAMYCIN, which h as been proven to both extend lifespan and also to fight multiple forms of cancer, including MCT. It is a prescription drug, and I am happy to send it your way either with your local vet's prescription or after a Concierge Consult with me.  

Our MCT supplement pack is designed for one thing only -- to provide you with proven supplements... simply. And saving a few bucks never hurt, either. Our MCT bundle contains the following three supplements:

  • LONGEVITY PLUS, which contains advanced CurcuWin Ultra Plus, the most bioavailable curcumin product in the world at this writing. There is simply no supplement better at reducing inflammation, and we combine ours with Ashwagandha to reduce stress and Boswellia, another potent anti-inflammatory and cancer fighting herb.
  • DECAF GREEN TEA capsules are a great source of EGCG, an ingredient proven to fight many forms of cancer
  • HIGH POTENCY MUSHROOM MIX: Mushrooms have been proven in a myriad of studies not only to mellow out the immune system but also to actively fight cancer. This blend contains a mixture of seven (7) different mushrooms for maximum benefit. 

And the biggest thing (after an accurate biopsy)? If you have questions, I'm around. We're all in this together, and If I can help you I will. Dr. Kevin