The diagnosis of lymphoma in your pet turns your world upside down, but you are not alone. I have helped pets with lymphoma for over 30 years in veterinary practice, and I can help you too. To start with, here is a WORKSHEET ON LYMPHOMA for your review.  

It is important to understand that lymphocytes, the cell at the root of lymphoma, are normal components of our immune system, both in humans and dogs. One of the known causes of lymphoma is chronic immune stimulation and inflammation, such as allergies and infections.  

In humans, both RoundUp and WeedNFeed products have been implicated in lymphoma, and many of our dogs have spent hours on lawns with those products on them. There will be a lot more said about this in the next decade.

If your vet has made a diagnosis of generalized lymphoma -- the kind with the big lymph nodes -- one of the first tests you should do after the initial biopsy is flow cytometry or PCR testing to determine whether you are dealing with B cell (better) or T cell (worse) lymphoma. This should guide many of the decisions you will be making. 

Our worksheet, above, discusses all the different treatments for lymphoma, ranging from supplements to steroids to traditional rotational chemotherapy (the CHOP or modified Wisconsin protocols) to metronomic chemotherapy. At this time, traditional rotational chemo still confers longest survival, and most dogs treated like this enter a period of remission... for a time. Your oncologist will be able to give you more information. Don't have an oncologist? Here is a search form for you.

One other approach to lymphoma treatment is prescription RAPAMYCIN, which has been proven to kill lymphoma cells in multiple studies. We are happy to send it your way with either your local vet's prescription or after a Concierge Consult with me. 

Our Lymphoma Supplement Pack is designed for one thing only -- to make your life easier. These are the supplements you need for your dog with lymphoma. Each of them has been proven in multiple studies, and they are all right here for you. Of course, saving a little money is never a bad thing either.

The three supplements in our Lymphoma bundle are...

  • LONGEVITY PLUS, which contains patented CurcuWin Ultra Plus, an advanced curcumin that is over 100x more bioavailable than standard curcumin. Longevity Plus also contains Boswellia, another potent anti-inflammatory herb, along with Ashwagandha to reduce stress and inflammation.
  • DECAF GREEN TEA capsules, a great source of EGCG. This ingredient has been proven to directly inhibit lymphoma cells. 
  • HIGH POTENCY MUSHROOM MIX: Mushrooms have long been known as cancer fighters, and this combination of seven (7) different mushroom extracts will not only help fight cancer but also reduce inflammation in your dog.

One thing to remember is that your dog does NOT know that they are sick... and your goal is not to tell them through your words or actions. I fully understand how hard this is, but when you are around your pet you should remain happy, and stick to the daily routine that your dog has come to know. That's one of the best treatments of all.  

If you have a question or two, I'm around. I understand, and we are all in this together. Best wishes to you and your pet, Dr. Kevin