Your Pet's First Aid Kit

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Here's what it contains:

1) A RECTAL THERMOMETER.  Yes, rectal.  Digital thermometers are best because they are a) unbreakable, and b) faster.

2) SALINE SOLUTION-- To flush your pet's eyes, or to irrigate a wound.  The easiest source?  Your local drug store, where you can find squeeze bottles of saline designed for use by human soft contact lens wearers... like me.

3) A PAIR OF HEMOSTATS or other tweezers, for grabbing foxtails, fishhooks, etc.  

4) ANTIBIOTIC OINTMENT for the inevitable skin wounds

5) GAUZE for dressing those wounds

6) BANDAGE MATERIAL-- preferably a "No-Chew" version.  And no, Ace bandages are a poor choice for pets.


8) ZYRTEC and a dosing chart to fight allergies.