Enroll Your Dog In Our Rapamycin Study

Enroll Your Dog In Our Rapamycin Study

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We are currently enrolling pets in our next rapamycin study group, which will close on 11/1/23.   Your pet is welcome here!!

We will ask you to send us the last 2 years of your pet's veterinary records, and to fill out a detailed Pet Health Assessment.  This will give us the best understanding of your pet's health, and also form the basis of individual recommendations to help your pet live their longest and best life.

Your enrollment will include the first month of rapamycin therapy for your pet, and continuing access to additional rapamycin purchases from us. 

If you have any questions, please email me at drkevin@helpingpetslivelonger.com.  I AM HAPPY TO HELP YOU!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
jules gilman
Too soon….

Kevin is fantastic but my dog elliot has only been on rapamycin for a few days….

John Dwyer
Excellent Service

Haven't seen much of a change in my 11 year old lab yet, but I'm happy to be a part of this study!

John Livingston
Attentive Care

Dr. Kevin reviewed my dog's medical records. He put a lot of attention and was thorough in his comments. Charlie just started his Rapamycin and will provide additional feedback in the future.


Everything went smooth

Pit Gills
Dr Kevin cares

Dr. Kevin took the time to make great recommendations for my dog prior to starting anything. She is responding well.