Here's What Your Friends Say About Transcend....


"This stuff is wonderful! Rex is now 18 years old and still "motoring" around due to Transcend! I've spread the news to lots of people and hope this wonder grows and grows! Thank you!" --   Margaret, PA

"Hello, Kevin.  I just wanted to express my gratitude for developing and providing such a wonderful product.  I have two Belgian Shepherds--  Old age and arthritis was developing pretty quickly over the last couple years and I noticed they were really slowing down   After four weeks of Transcend, I have noticed a TREMENDOUS difference in their playfulness and overall attitude.  I HAVE YOUNG DOGS AGAIN!" --    Chad, TX

"It has taken quite awhile for me to get back to u.  Because of that I have had plenty of time time to observe how regular use of Transcend has effected Rottie.  I'm very happy to be able to say that it has made a big difference in her comfort level.  Her general soreness has all but disappeared and she has definitely become more energetic.  I'm very pleased with her response to your product."  --   Jody, KS