Rapamycin Capsules for Your Pet

Rapamycin Capsules for Your Pet

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Rapamycin for Dogs.  Like yours.

If you're asking where to buy rapamycin for dogs or about rapamycin for dogs with cancer, you've come to the right place.  

If you've ever looked into your pet's eyes and wished they could live forever, you're in the right place.   Studies show that rapamycin...

  • promotes a longer life in mammals,
  • fights cancer, 
  • decreases pain and inflammation, and
  • improves cardiac function for our dogs.

Want to know more? Here is a link to FAQs on rapamycin for dogs

How do I get rapamycin for dogs?  There are FOUR WAYS you can get rapamycin for your pet:

  • A prescription from your local veterinarian 
  • An in-person consult with Dr. Kevin on the CA Central Coast.  Come on out, the weather's great!!
  • Join our rapamycin study group
  • If your pet has cancer or other chronic disease, we may be able to send rapamycin your way for compassionate care.  Let's talk. 

We are always happy to work with your veterinarian to answer any questions they may have about rapamycin and its potential benefits for your pet.

Our suggested rapamycin dosage for dogs is 1 mg per 20-22 lbs of your pet's weight given 3x weekly with food.  Thus, 12 capsules will provide one month's worth of benefits to your pet.  We have used this dose in well over 300 pets without any side effects.



Customer Reviews

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Carlos Pfister
surprised and happy

I was a bit skeptical, but after a month, I couldn't be any happier. My 12 year old small doggy was sleeping his days away, all of the life out of him. We removed a cancerous growth recently. He's been taking the pills for a month now, and he is so much more active. He does not spend all of his time sleeping next to me anymore, he constantly is begging for snacks and hunting around the house again. His quality of life is so much better. I would say it's a miracle in a pill. He's young again. I thought I might get another year with him if I was lucky, but now I hope he's happy for many years to come.